Three crucial warnings signs your dog is stressed compared to when they're happy

Portrait of a frightened dog. Outdoor photo
Your dog may be frightened is they show some of these signs -Credit:Getty

Dogs Trust have issued a warning to pet owners to keep an eye on their beloved four legged friends and any signs of stress they may show.

It comes amid Mental Health Awareness Week which runs from May 13 until May 19 of this year, with the animal welfare charity saying that it's important to look after our dogs mental wellbeing as well as our own.

So what signs and symptoms do you need to look out for? Here is what the experts want you to know.

What are the three signs that my dog is stressed?

In their Instagram caption they say: "Whilst it's very important to take car of our own mental health, it's also important to look out for signs that your dog may be stressed. Gorgeous Dublin [pictured in their Instagram post] has some tips you can look out for! #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek."

Signs your dog is stressed include:

  1. Lower body posture, tail tucked

  2. Ears back, tail lowered, paw lifted

  3. Yawning, leaning away

Dogs Trust warn: "If you’re concerned about your dog’s behaviour, then speak to your vet to rule out any medical problems that may be influencing their behaviour and ask about a referral to an accredited behaviourist."

Black pug head back view, ears and fur outdoors. Concept of resentment, alienation and loneliness
Having their ears back is a sign of stress -Credit:Getty

What are the signs that my dog is happy and relaxed?

Dogs that are calm, confident and relaxed will be interested in their surroundings as well as being responsive to their owners. They will also be able to settle, say Dogs Trust.

Positive signs to look out for that your dog is happy includes:

  • Body free from tension

  • Relaxed facial muscles

  • Tail hangs and moves loosely, free from tension

  • Ears are in a neutral position, or slightly forward

  • Rounded eyes without the white showing

  • Relaxed mouth which may be closed or held open - their tongue also might loll out which means it will droop or hang loosely

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