North Carolina shooting: Four police officers shot dead serving arrest warrant in Charlotte

Four police officers have been shot and killed, and another four wounded, as they served an arrest warrant in North Carolina.

The suspect was also killed during the shooting at a home in Charlotte, according to officials.

The man's name was not released, but police said he was wanted for illegally possessing a weapon.

According to police, a second person fired shots from inside the house following the suspect's death.

Police who rushed to the property to rescue the first wave of officers were wounded as the second person began firing on them, according to officials.

A woman and a 17-year-old boy were found inside the property and arrested following the three-hour stand-off.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Johnny Jennings said at a press conference following the shooting: "Today is an absolute tragic day for the city of Charlotte and for the profession of law enforcement.

"Today we lost some heroes who were out simply trying to keep our community safe."

The shooting took place on Tuesday as a US Marshals-led task force attended the property to carry out an arrest warrant for a felon wanted for possessing a firearm.

As officers approached the home, the suspect opened fire with a high-powered rifle. Officers returned fire, and the suspect was killed in the front garden of the property.

A second person then opened fire, injuring four Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers as they attempted to come to the aid of their police colleagues.

Another member of the task force was also shot and injured.

Following a tense stand-off, a SWAT team cleared the house and arrested two people inside.

Mr Jennings said police believed at least one of those arrested had fired on the officers.

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The US Marshals Service confirmed one of its agents was killed. It is the first fatal shooting of a US Marshal in the line of duty since November 2018.

Three officers from the state Department of Adult Correction who were working with the task-force were also killed, according to North Carolina governor, Roy Cooper.

President Joe Biden was briefed on the shooting and spoke with Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles to express his condolences and support for the community.