These Are The Three Signs That Your New Partner Is In Love With You

Is love actually in the air?
Is love actually in the air?

Is love actually in the air?

When you’re in the early stages of dating, there’s always the fear about where the relationship is going – and secretly hoping that your new boyfriend, girlfriend or partner is falling in love with you.

If you’re seeking the answer, fortunately there are signs that they just won’t be able to hide according to one relationship expert.

Dating advice pro and relationship therapist Dr Kimberly Moffit has taken to TikTok to share the psychological signs that indicate you – or your new squeeze – is feeling the love.

Speaking to her whopping 1.9 million followers, Dr Moffit explained that “there are three psychological ways to know if what you’re experiencing is love.”

1. They can’t stop looking at your face

According to the therapist, the first sign is that you can’t stop looking at their face (or you keep catching your new partner staring at yours).

“When it’s true love we actually spend more time looking at that person’s face than normal,” shares Dr Moffit.

“In cases that aren’t true love – like lust or limerence – we spend more time looking at their body as opposed to their face.

2. They choose the less ‘selfish’ option

If you realise your partner is going out of their way for you or actively making sacrifices to ensure your happiness and not just because it’s going to make them look good – ding ding ding! It could be love.

Dr Moffit says: “For example, if you are buying them a birthday gift and you could choose a super flashy item but instead you choose the less flashy item that’ll make you look a little less good but more because you think it’s actually the right gift for them.”

3. They don’t need you for validation

“Have you ever noticed that when you’re infatuated with someone, there’s a lot of overwhelming negative emotion?” asks Dr Moffit.

Excuse us while we all feel personally attacked.

According to the relationship therapist, you can feel anxiety, nervousness and insecurity when feeling obsessive over someone.

However, if it’s love, not just infatuation, you or your partner won’t actually feel any of these emotions as you’re not actively a source of validation for one another - something which is really important for healthy relationships.

Instead, you just accept one another and yourselves as real life human beings – an option that’s much nicer than all the panic that comes with lust.

If any of these psychological signs seem familiar in your relationship, it looks like you might be onto a winner.