This 3-Wheel EV Concept Uses Tilting Tech to Stay Upright

Sometimes more features are better, especially when it comes to safety.

SIREMS Association has just unveiled a new electric tilting three-wheeler concept called the Kairos, according to New Atlas. The unique EV features multiple safety systems designed to help keep riders upright as they zip around town.

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A leaning trike may offer better stability than a bike, but it still can’t compete with a car. SIREMS Association, a France-based mobility non-profit, wants to help level the playing field by reducing the risk of turn-induced tip-overs. To do so, it teamed up with transport designer Mathieu L’Hopitault, to craft a vehicle outfitted with a pair of mobile lateral elements (MLEs) that help keep it upright at all times.

A rear 3/4 view of SIREMS Association's Kairos electric-three-wheeler concept
SIREMS Association Kairos

The Kairos has one wheel in the front and two in the back, unlike most of today’s tilting three-wheelers. The EV’s unorthodox layout is offset by a reclined riding position and a two-person seat located over the rear wheels, both of which help optimize traction. This is necessary since the rear wheels deliver the vehicle’s torque.

The trike’s MLEs are the real difference makers, though. Located on either side of the front wheel are two wedge-shaped appendages positioned a couple inches above the ground that tilt when the vehicle leans into a turn. The appendage on the outside acts as a counterweight helping stop the Kairos from tipping over, while the one on the inside will keep the vehicle propped up in case that turns out not to be enough. Both MLEs can also absorb impact in a collision from the front or side.

The three-wheeler also features another safety device called a Programmed Restraint Device. The triangle-shaped element is located behind the cockpit and is designed to absorb the impact of a frontal collision while also preventing the rider from launching over the handlebars. If the impact comes from the rear and both wheels leave the ground, the device disengages so the rider isn’t crushed beneath the vehicle if it flips over.

The Kairos isn’t just a concept but a preview of a vehicle you can eventually expect to see on the road. SIREMS Association told New Atlas it plans to put the vehicle into production. Right now, if everything goes smoothly, the non-profit hopes to launch the trike in 2028 and sell it for €30,000, or about $32,700.

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