It's Throwback Thursday, So Please Enjoy This Video Of Hugh Jackman Lifting Heavy While Training For Wolverine

 Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine.
Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine.

You may have thought Logan would be Hugh Jackman’s last time playing Wolverine. After all, we did see his brutal demise in the 2017 superhero film. Luckily for Marvel fans, they’ll have the chance to see the iconic mutant once again as Jackman’s been confirmed to reprise Wolverine for Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool & Wolverine. In honor of Throwback Thursday, the Australian actor showed us a past video of himself training hard for the third movie that proves he’s still got it.

Hugh Jackman started getting into Wolverine shape a year ago and he's been looking as jacked as his memorable character as part of the cast of Deadpool 3. To celebrate Throwback Thursday, the X-Men actor decided to show us an Instagram video of himself “becoming Wolverine again” lifting some very heavy weights. Take a look at this impressive throwback video below:

The Australia actor may be red in the face, but he’s still got the moves to lift those massive weights of his. While at the gym, we see Hugh Jackman encouraged by his friend and trainer, Beth Lewis, to give it all he’s got along with her canine assistant Andy. I can’t ignore Jackman’s pulsing veins among those giant muscles. It’s almost like a day hasn’t gone by since he’s played the clawed superhero.

Through many videos of Hugh Jackman getting into superheroic shape, it looks like The Greatest Showman actor is doing everything he can to get his ripped physique back after six years of not playing Logan. Jackman apparently has been eating 8,000 calories to prep which would have to mean an insane number of workouts to turn those calories into muscle mass. Considering the Les Misérables actor has been featured in nine live-action X-Men movies, I’m sure he’s very familiar with his workout regimen to play the fit superhero and it’s clearly working.

Another workout that Hugh Jackman has done for his Wolverine transformation is the grueling Wolverine plank that includes placing a massive plate weight on his back. That’s sure one way to motivate yourself to stay in position. While the Wolverine weight-lifting exercises continued, Jackman couldn’t help but claw his way through an epic cheat meal at The Waffle House savoring waffles with bananas, cheese sauce, meat sauce, and mushrooms. At another time he treated himself to a Gordon Ramsey burger with a martini because why not? With all of the workouts this man has done to keep in shape, I’m confident he’ll still pull off a Wolverine build.

As we saw Wolverine get killed in Logan, you may be wondering how the iconic character can return for Wolverine and Deadpool. Hugh Jackman gave a big clue explaining the process could involve moving around timelines without messing with the events of Logan. Jackman will be bringing something new to the character as well as seeing some of the comic book character’s well-known stylings brought to life in the third Deadpool film like rocking the yellow suit and his signature hairdo. And, of course, we can’t forget Wolverine’s monster-sized muscles as he fights his foes.

Based on what you can see in Hugh Jackman’s throwback workout video, the X-Men veteran is a total beast for hitting the gym and getting back into shape once again. His motivation and determination are very inspiring and I can’t wait to see all of the work he put into getting in shape shown in the 2024 movie release. The upcoming Marvel movie Wolverine and Deadpool premieres on July 26th as part of Phase Five of the MCU.