Thunderstorm warning extended as more heavy rain to batter parts of UK

A yellow weather warning has been extended for parts of the UK as further thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are forecast across Tuesday and Wednesday.

A thunderstorm warning, previously covering Wales and parts of western England, now includes nearly all of northern England as lightning is expected to accompany downpours into the early hours of Wednesday morning.

At the same time, a rain warning is in place for northern Scotland ahead of showers of up to 90mm.

The thunderstorm warning in England includes Manchester, York and Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Met Office said thundery downpours are forecast from 2pm on Tuesday until 2am on Wednesday and may lead to flooding in some areas.

Rainfall of 10-20mm is possible in an hour or so, with some places potentially seeing 30mm in a few hours, the forecaster added.

Motorists are likely to experience delays to their journeys because of flooded roads and spray, the forecaster warned.

Heavy rain
There was a warning over heavy rainfall (David Davies/PA)

Some homes and businesses may also be at risk of flooding alongside a small chance of damage from lightning strikes.

The thunderstorms and heavy showers are expected to move northwards during Tuesday evening, before slowly dying out overnight.

The yellow weather warning in northern Scotland comes as 90mm of rainfall is expected in the worst affected areas from 10pm on Tuesday until 11.59pm on Wednesday.

The Met Office said widespread rainfall of 20-30mm is forecast, though this could reach 50-75mm in areas which experience heavier bursts of rain.

The Met Office said those in the affected areas, including Angus, Aberdeenshire, Moray and the Highlands, should expect difficult driving conditions because of flooding and spray, with the possibility some communities could be cut off by flooded roads.

The forecaster added there was a small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater which could cause a danger to life.

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There is also a chance train and bus services may have to be cancelled.

Unsettled cloudy weather, with bursts of rain and humid conditions, is forecast more generally across the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday, before conditions warm up slightly and turn drier to end the week.

Central England is expected to enjoy the UK’s warmest weather this week with temperatures of up to 22C on Wednesday while the country’s coldest temperature of 3C is forecast in rural Scotland on Thursday evening.