Tiffani Thiessen admits she was 'nervous' joining Beverly Hills, 90210

Tiffani Thiessen has admitted she was "nervous" joining Beverly Hills, 90210.

The actress shared that her then-boyfriend Brian Austin Green made it more difficult as he was jealous of her filming love scenes with other actors.

"I was definitely nervous. I didn't really know what to expect," Tiffani, 50, told Us Weekly. "I was coming on to a show that was already established."

"I had a boyfriend who definitely was probably not the most secure with me being there."

In March, Brian, 50, admitted he had been "incredibly jealous" when Tiffani started working on the show alongside him in 1994.

"I'd never been in a real serious relationship before. I was incredibly jealous every time she would f**king have to work with anybody else because we'd already been doing the show for four years," he told Shannen Doherty on her Let's Be Clear podcast. "Like, this is my family."

Tiffani also explained she found it difficult to join a cast and crew that had already been working together for several years.

"I also had my own insecurities about being on a job that, again, was very established. There were relationships that were super close that I wasn't a part of. It was definitely stressful and hard," she said.

"It's like joining a friend group that has been friends for a long time and you're the new one."