TikTok sensation refused entry into popular Cardiff club for 'being on his own'

Popworld on St Mary Street in Cardiff -Credit:South Wales Echo
Popworld on St Mary Street in Cardiff -Credit:South Wales Echo

A TikTok vlogger says he was refused entry into a popular Cardiff nightclub because he was on his own and bouncers told him that it was “company policy” not to let people in unless they are with someone. David Marshall - widely known as Chef Dave Marshall on social media - is a vlogger with more than 350,000 followers and more than 12m likes on TikTok.

He has become a sensation on the platform in the past few years thanks to uploading videos about his daily life and cooking tutorials. As part of his lifestyle as a TikTok star, 'Chef Dave' got invited to appear at a Cardiff nightspot. Before that appearance, he took a stroll around Cardiff city centre and tried to enter a different venue - Popworld on St Mary Street. However, to his amazement, he wasn’t allowed in.

“They wouldn’t let me in, which was weird,” explained Dave. “The bouncers said 'not tonight mate’. I asked what they meant and I was told I wasn’t going to be let in because I was on my own and that was their company policy. But what if you’re a saddo like me?! I often go out on my own.” To get the latest WalesOnline newsletters e-mailed to you directly for free, click here.

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The incident happened at around 10.45pm last Wednesday night (April 17) when, according to Dave, “it didn’t seem that busy so you would think they’d want people in there”. He added: “Maybe they don’t let single males in because they are worried about drinks being spiked or people selling drugs, but it’s something that’s never happened to me before. I’m quite a small guy, I’m very polite, I’m not going to cause any trouble, but they said it’s always been a company policy."

Watch 'Chef Dave' react to not being let into Popworld below

Dave posted a video on Facebook immediately after being denied entry - a video that has been viewed by thousands of people and attracted a huge reaction with hundreds of comments. In the video, Dave said: "I've just tried to get into Popworld and apparently you are not allowed to go in on your own. You've got to be with somebody, so I've literally just been denied entry. So if anyone's watching from Popworld, I don't know what the problem is."

Popworld, a late-night venue which doesn't open until 10pm on weekdays, also has clubs in Swansea, in several locations in England, and in Glasgow. According to the company, its clubs are where "everyone's guilty pleasures become shameless" and its motto is "ain't no party like a Popworld party!"

WalesOnline has approached Popworld for a comment on the incident and asked whether not allowing people to enter their establishments alone is a company policy. It had not responded at the time of publication.