TikTok star married to Paris Fury's cousin attacked in terrifying armed home raid

A TikTok star who controversially married a traveller has told of the terrifying moment five masked men beat her and threatened to kill her in an armed raid. Nikia Marshall, 24, a gorger - or ‘settled person’ who married a traveller - said she was beaten by the balaclava-clad men, who were armed with crowbars and a gun. The former glamour model - whose husband Michael, a cousin of Paris Fury, was at work at the time - says she only survived by fleeing upstairs with her dogs. And she believes she may have been targeted by members of the traveller community who are hostile to her because she's seen as an 'outsider'. She said: “I think it’s because I’m an influencer online, and I post very controversial videos. I’m a bit of a comedian, but I’ve got dark humour.