TikToker compares £5.75 offering from 'the UK's cheapest chippy' with a luxury £32 Tom Kerridge dish

Jade outside Tower Fisheries in Blackpool
Tiktoker Jade outside Tower Fisheries in Blackpool -Credit:No credit

When you think of Blackpool, one of the first things that comes to mind, is good old fish and chips. A staple of seaside towns across the country, no visit to the North West riviera is complete without sampling the local fare.

There are plenty of places to grab some delicious scran, however one 'hidden gem' hails itself as being the cheapest chippy not just in Blackpool, but the whole of the UK.

The average cost of a portion of fish and chips currently stands at £11.05, however at Tower Fisheries customers can grab a portion for just £5.75.

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Now, TikTok and Instagram couple Ryan and Jade of 'Live the Dash', who have garnered thousands of followers with their short but informative travel videos, have compared the UK's so-called cheapest chippy against the most expensive, Lancs Live report.

It comes after TV chef Tom Kerridge has been making headlines since June when it emerged that his restaurant Kerridge's, in London, is selling his take on fish and chips for a whopping £32. If you want a side salad, it will cost an extra £7.

Fans and followers were shocked by the price tag, labelling it "ridiculously overpriced". This prompted Tom to respond in a not so friendly manner after one person claimed that the fish looked like it was from the frozen aisle of a supermarket.

In a new video which has gone viral on social media with more than 500,000 views, Ryan asked: "Which is the best? The UK's cheapest chip shop or the UK's most expensive chip shop? Let's find out."

Jade said: "Kerridge's sells the UK's most expensive fish and chips. I've got eight chips and a massive fish, haddock, which is my most favourite fish. Wow. That tastes good. The most expensive fish and chips in the UK at £32."

The video then cut to Blackpool with Ryan saying: "Now let's try the cheapest chippy in the UK and see how it compares." After a visit to Tower Fishers, he said: "We've just been to the Tower Fisheries. Far better than the one in London."

"Cod and chips, £5.75. How much have you paid for fish and chips." Commenting on the video on Instagram, @cometravelwithdan wrote: "£32 for fish and 8 chips is a crime against humanity." @hollybeatyy wrote: "The cheaper one looks better!!!!!"

@isleofskygardening replied: "Blackpool Tower Fisheries.. been there and it's fabulous." @brandoncordery added: "£32. Only wealthy people eat at Kerridge's, the money is nothing to them, it's being seen that's important. £5.75 is great.."

However, some disputed whether in fact Tower Fisheries is the cheapest in the UK. @blacksilohorror wrote: "No way on Earth is £5 the cheapest in the UK, clearly you haven't checked Scotland or Wales."

@oskywoskynicholson said: "My local does 4.50 for a massive large chips and they're delicious" while @mattclark4702 replied: "Mate I got a chippy near me that does that cheaper. A large chips is 1.80. Fish ontop is 3 quid max more."