TikToker reveals why some things don't sell on Vinted

Woman photographing trainers to sell online
Woman photographing trainers to sell online -Credit:Getty

A TikTok user has given a list of things to avoid if you want your items to sell on Vinted.

Vinted is a second-hand marketplace where anyone can create an account and start selling their unwanted items. It has grown in popularity over the last year, with many praising the speed and ease of uploading items for sale and the fact you do not need to pay for postage.

With thousands of people across the UK using the app to get rid of their unwanted clothes, toys and books, some may want some tips and tricks to ensure their online "wardrobe" is getting attention and sales. TikTok user Tillie Craft @sillytillie29, told her followers why their items might not be selling on Vinted.

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She said: "This is why your items are not selling on Vinted. Here's a few selling tips from someone who has made over £300 in the last few weeks.

"First up is about photos. Make sure your photos are clean and clear, you've got different angles of the piece and also make sure it is not like really screwed up or dirty or anything like that. Also you don't want your house to look messy in the background of photos and take them during the day when the light is good.

"Number two, turn on your bundle discount. If you haven't already done this, it means people are more likely to buy more than one item and it's such an easy fix.

"Number three, offer more than one postage option. Now I'm not saying leave all of them on because it's such a mare [nightmare], but I leave two of mine on so people have two options at least.

"Next when it comes to pricing don't price things too high, look at what other people are selling them for and that gives you a good idea. But also go into it knowing that you're not gonna make loads of money.

"Obviously, designer items sell higher but other items much lower. Also, when it comes to people making offers, I tend to accept them. Obviously, sometimes people make an offer for like £3 when you are selling something for £10 and that's ridiculous, but if you are selling something for £7 and they offer £6.50, I know I personally rather get it sold than hold my horses over 50p.

"Next, up is about descriptions and titles. Make sure you use loads of keywords like Y2K or vintage and make sure your titles and your descriptions are really detailed, think about what your buyer might want to know but also what they might be searching for."

And she added: "If you've had loads of 'favourites' and no one has bought it, your price is probably too high, so you might want to consider lowering it. And if you have got an item that's been up for a while and hasn't sold, it is better to just delete the item altogether and reupload it so it gets to the top of people's searches again."

Her video has gained thousands of views and likes and people adding their Vinted user names so that they can follow each other. And if you would like to see some more tips you can read our story here, or there is the woman who lost two stone with a £6 item from Vinted.

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