A TikToker said there should be an 'adults-only suburb' for people who hate kids, dividing opinion among viewers

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A TikToker's controversial take about adult-only suburbs was viewed over 300,000 times.Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock
  • A TikToker who said there should be an "adult-only suburb" has sparked debate.

  • She said it should exist for "people like me that are evil and hate kids."

  • Some comments agreed and said the concept should be rolled out to restaurants and hotels too.

A woman has sparked controversy on TikTok by suggesting there should be a town that's only for adults where people didn't have to put up with noisy kids.

On January 28, an Australian TikToker who goes by Baby Soja posted a video with the on-screen caption, "I would like to know when somebody is planning on opening an adult's only suburb."

In the clip, which received over 316,000 views, a woman could be seen sitting in a car as she addressed the audience and said she was, "so sick of going places and kids are just everywhere screaming and I just have to put up with it."

@soybabie__ I know im evil but theyre SO loud please i want peace and quiet are there adults only pools in melbourne?? #fyp #kidfree #childfree ♬ original sound - Baby Soja

Later in the video, the TikToker explained she had just come back from a swimming pool where children were "jumping in and screaming." Soja said there should be a suburb "for people like me that are evil and hate kids" who can "just be quiet and undisturbed."

The upload received over 32,500 likes, and over 3,400 comments as viewers shared a mixed reaction to the concept.

Some comments, including from viewers who said they had kids themselves, were supportive of the idea. "As a parent of two small children, I completely understand what you're saying and respect that childfree people need space too," a comment with over 1,400 likes read. "I get this because I want more adult only spaces that aren't centered around alcohol or just for the night time," a comment with over 770 likes read.

Others took it a step further and suggested there should also be kid-free restaurants, hotels, and cafes, while a comment that said, "I want a kids free Disney World day, is that too much to ask?" received over 400 likes.

However, not everyone was on board with the concept. "Go live in Antartica," one user commented and received 148 likes. "You used to be a kid mate..ya know. So get over getting older," one comment read which received 487 likes.

In a follow-up video posted on January 31, Soja could be seen posing beside this comment which was visible on the screen, alongside an on-screen caption announcing that she had been covered by an Australian news outlet for what she described as an "off the cuff joke video I made in the carpark of the gym."

@soybabie__ Replying to @Serephina LMaooo so many people pressed in the comments like soz that some people dont want to be around kids 24/7. Im not saying kids shouldnt be alllwed at the pool itd just be nice if there were more places that were JUST for adults to enjoy and that includes parents wanting a break from their kids too chillll 🤌🏼🌹👄😌 #fyp #melbourne #childfree #naarm ♬ original sound - Kardashian Clips

In the TikTok caption she wrote "so many people" were "pressed" about her video, and clarified she wasn't saying kids shouldn't be allowed at the pool, but rather it would "be nice if there were more places that were JUST for adults" including spaces for "parents wanting a break from their kids too," she wrote. The creator did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

It's not the first time a similar suggestion has sparked debate on TikTok. In August 2022, another user filmed herself on a plane with a child crying in the background and said she would "pay SO much money" for an adult-only flight. The clip received over a million views and a mixed response — while some sympathized, others said she should be more empathetic towards parents and suggested she use earplugs to block out the sound.

Child-free locations do exist in Australia — some daytime destinations have embraced the idea, including Drift House, a hotel based in Port Fairy, Victoria, that features a swimming pool and tells customers on their website their venue is "for adults only" and they should "leave the little Smiths at home."

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