What are Tim Tams and where can I buy them? The iconic Aussie treat, explained

You can now buy Tim Tams in the UK  (Tim Tam )
You can now buy Tim Tams in the UK (Tim Tam )

UK snackers, be warned: the most delicious chocolate bar from Down Under is now just one click away.

Arnott’s Tim Tam, an iconic Australian chocolate-covered biscuit, has been added to Deliveroo, meaning Brits can get the sweet snack delivered straight to their doors.

Sometimes referred to as “Aussie gold,” the chocolatey snack has been a staple in Australia since 1964.

The brand also made headlines earlier this year when it was announced that Tim Tams would finally be sold in UK supermarkets.

Sometimes likened to a classic Penguin bar (but so much better), it’s very possible that the Tim Tam will take the country by storm, much like it has in Australia.

So what actually is it? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a Tim Tam?

A Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit that’s made by the Australian food brand Arnott’s.

Each Tim Tam includes two biscuit wafers that sandwich a creamy filling and are dipped in a velvety coat of chocolate.

Tim Tams reportedly came to fruition after an Arnott’s employee tried a Penguin biscuit during an overseas visit. He decided to make an Aussie alternative that had a similar concept but tasted better.

The Tim Tam was born, and it was an instant hit. Now more than 60 years old, Tim Tams are considered a staple in Australia.

Sold in multipacks, they come in various flavours and fillings. However, the original chocolate remains one of the brand’s biggest hitters.

Where can I buy Tim Tams in the UK?

Talk of introducing Tim Tams in UK supermarkets has been going on for years. In 2020, former PM Boris Johnson joked that a potential trade deal with Australia could bring "wonderful" Tim Tam's to the UK at a "reasonable price".

In 2024, the news finally broke that Tim Tams was officially coming to the UK.

Previously, they were available in some speciality shops, but their official release this year meant that many more Brits could enjoy them.

You can currently buy Tim Tam's original, dark, and chewy caramel in Waitrose stores and on Ocado.

Their recent addition to Deliveroo, at £3 a pack, means you have even more chances to get your hands on these delicious treats.

What is a Tim Tam slam?

Not only are Tim Tams arguably packing a better flavour than many UK chocolate bars, but the Aussies have also developed a unique way to eat them.

Known as the Tim Tam slam, it requires you to bite two opposing corners off the wafer biscuit and pop one end into a drink. Much like drinking through a straw, suck the other end of the biscuit to slurp up your chocolatey drink.

An infographic on how to get your Tim Tam slam just right can be found here.