Time to crown the best daytime TV programme

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There is nothing new in the concept of having daytime TV. Back In 1972, the government removed limitations on broadcasting hours, allowing the BBC and ITV to provide programming for stay-at-home moms.

The first soap opera drama to air throughout the day was Emmerdale Farm. Yorkshire Television commissioned dramatist Kevin Laffan to create a 26-episode serial that would air twice a week at 1.30 p.m. for housewives.

Crown Court, a lunchtime series by Granada that featured panels of viewers acting as "jurors" and declaring their findings at the conclusion of the Thursday edition, under a series of imaginary trials, dramatised over three half-hours on consecutive days. In response, the BBC produced Pebble Mill at One, a magazine show including music, fashion, food, and brief, superficial interviews as well as filler content.

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The much-maligned series was cancelled in 1986 when Kilroy and Neighbours were added to the BBC's Daytime schedule. Then taking up the mantle left by Pebble mill came ITV’s This morning.

Originally from Liverpool then moved to the current studios in London and made its way through a plethora of different presenters, with some leaving under a dark cloud. But we have so many channels now to flick through during an afternoon now, so we want to know which is your favourite in the modern era of daytime TV.

Let us know in our poll.

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