Time: Everything we know about series two of BBC anthology prison drama

The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey and Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker join the show

Time series two L-R: Abi (Tamara Lawrence), Orla (Jodie Whittaker), Kelsey (Bella Ramsey). (BBC Studios)
Time series two L-R: Abi (Tamara Lawrance), Orla (Jodie Whittaker), Kelsey (Bella Ramsey). (BBC Studios)

The second series of BBC One’s anthology prison series Time is on the way and with it comes a trio of new stars who will take the show forward.

Series one featured the likes of Sean Bean as a prison guard and Stephen Graham as a newly imprisoned inmate forced to come face-to-face with the gritty reality of life behind bars.

The show’s latest batch of episodes will switch gears and take us inside a women’s prison, following three different inmates who each start their sentences on the same day.

What else do we know about Time series two? Read on for all the key information you need.

Time series two: When will it start?

Bella Ramsey plays Kelsey in Time series two. (BBC)
Bella Ramsey plays drug addicted teenager Kelsey in Time series two. (BBC)

Time series two will start at 9pm on Sunday, 29 October on BBC One.

The show will be available to stream immediately afterwards on BBC iPlayer and the series will consist of three episodes.

Is there a trailer for Time series two?

A brief teaser for Time series two arrived in late October and invited us into the cells along with its new female inmates.

Despite only lasting 60 seconds, the trailer gave us a good look at the emotional turmoil its new characters are set to face - each of whom comes from a different background with different emotional baggage.

What are the reviews like for Time series two?

Jodie Whittaker plays Orla in Time series two. (BBC Studios)
Jodie Whittaker plays Orla in Time series two. (BBC Studios)

While early reviews of Time's second series are low on the ground, the few we have encountered have sung its praises, explaining tha the show returns with some real terror in tow.

According to the Evening Standard's write up, the show's new series attempts to tackle something subtler than their first outing which primarily dealt with guilt and redemption. Here, the writers behind Time - namely series creator Jimmy McGovern - delve into what the long-time consequences are on a stint in the clink - a narrative illustrated primarily through Jodie Whittaker's character Orla.

"Time is at its best when showing that it’s the outside world where the true terror lies," explains the outlet's review. "How easy it is for the connection to fray, how thin it always was. As terrible as contemplating time inside is, contemplating what’s happening outside can be even worse."

Read the full review below:

Evening Standard: At its best, it shows the true terror is here on the outside (3-min read)

What is the plot of Time series two?

Tamara Lawrance plays Abi in Time series two. (BBC)
Tamara Lawrance plays Abi in Time series two. (BBC)

Starting afresh following its Graham and Bean-fronted first series, Time series two will introduce us to three female prisoners who each become inmates on the same day.

As the series’ three episodes progress, we’ll get to see how each adapts to life in the violent and risky prison system while finding unlikely solace with their fellow inmates.

This synopsis is hit home in the series’ official description which says: "Told through the lens of three very different inmates, Time is a moving and high-stakes portrayal of life inside a women's prison.

"Arriving at Carlingford Prison on the same day, Orla, Abi and Kelsey are thrown together to face an unfamiliar world. But even with the ever-present threat of violence within its walls, they discover that an unexpected sense of community, and a shared understanding, still might be possible."

Who is starring in Time series two?

Bella Ramsey said she was
Bella Ramsey said she was "genuinely afraid" about embarking on her role in Time series two. (BBC)

Fronting series two of Time is a trio of faces who are all new to the show.

The Last of Us Star Bella Ramsey will play young inmate Kelsey, with Whittaker playing a prisoner named Orla and Tamara Lawrence starring as Abi.

While each character has their own story to tell, Time’s teaser trailer suggests that their paths may cross during their darkest hours whilst stuck inside.

The trio will be joined by Downton Abbey actor Siobhan Finneran as prison chaplain Marie-Louise, the only returning character from the show’s first series.

Elsewhere, the series will feature appearances from actor and comedian Sophie Willan, Alicia Forde, Lisa Millett, Maimuna Memon, Nicholas Nunn, Kayla Meikle, James Corrigan and Julie Graham rounding out the cast.

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Time’s second outing will mark Whittaker’s first major role following her departure as the thirteenth Doctor Who last October and will see her playing a prisoner who is denied access to her children.

Speaking about getting to play a prison inmate, Ramsey - who uses they/them pronouns - recently admitted that they were “genuinely afraid” of tackling a job that required them to play a drug addict who eventually discovers that they are pregnant whilst in prison.

“Initially, when I read the script, I was genuinely afraid I wouldn't be able to do it,” they said. “I'd get on set and then it just wouldn't work. But thankfully it did, I think."

Time season 2 premieres on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday, 29 October.