'Time traveller' from 1940s spotted 'texting on modern smartphone' in beach photo

An apparent beach goer among the scores of others (Image: Getty Images/Popperfoto Creative)
An apparent beach goer using a phone among the scores of others (Image: Getty Images/Popperfoto Creative) -Credit:No credit

A peculiar snapshot, dating back to the 1940s, of a man clutching what appears to be a modern-day smartphone, has sent ripples of excitement through the community of time travel enthusiasts.

In the photograph taken in September 1943 on Cornwall's Towan Beach, amidst families enjoying a carefree seaside day amidst World War II chaos, one individual stands out. Captured in the frame is a gent dressed in a brown suit, appearing to intently look at something resembling a present-day mobile phone - an object entirely foreign to that era.

This unusual sight has ignited vehement exchanges on the internet, with some users bestowing upon him the nickname "texting time traveller", following scenes depicting his deep engagement with the gadget, as shared by Edinburgh Live. In stark contrast, sceptics are scorning the idea, positing that the man may simply be rolling a cigarette.

As the heated debate continues on social media platforms, there are members steadfastly holding onto the belief that this seemingly out of place man, engrossed in his 'device' amidst a 1940s beach scene, offers irrefutable evidence of time travel. As one observant comment highlighted, "Er...is it just me or is this guy checking his phone.....in the 1940s? ".

One person joined the conversation, reflecting on how beach fashion has evolved: "Shows how much beachwear has changed! Jacket, tie and hat? Mind they did that when I was a kid in the 50s.", reports the Mirror.

The image showed what appeared to be an imposter in the World War Two image in Cornwall ( Image: Getty Images/Popperfoto Creative)
-Credit:No credit

Another added their observation, humorously suggesting a sci-fi explanation: "Good catch. It's clearly the man in the shot is a time travelling tourist checking his mobile device. Finally the evidence we need that time travel is real."

However, a sceptic offered a more mundane interpretation: "I think that chap is rolling a cigarette! ".

The debate over historical images that seem to hint at time travel isn't new. The Mirror recently covered a story about a 1938 video which some claim shows 'proof' of time travel.

In the footage, a group of individuals can be seen approaching the camera, with one young woman seemingly holding an object to her ear. Some conspiracy theorists have posited that she was captured on film using a mobile phone decades before they were invented.

As the woman walks through the crowd, she appears to be engaged in conversation, holding the item up to her ear. She then brings it down as the footage concludes.

When the fashionable lady lowers the object, it looks to be a dark, hand-sized item, not unlike the size of a contemporary mobile phone.

The plot thickens as a YouTuber alleges that the woman in the footage is their great-grandmother, and she was actually using a mobile phone. YouTube user Planetcheck claims that the device was an experimental wireless phone developed by industrial behemoth Dupont at their factory in Leominster, Massachusetts.