Timeline of alkali attack suspect Abdul Ezedi’s bids for UK asylum

Alkali attack suspect Abdul Ezedi made several bids to gain asylum in the UK.

The Afghanistan national’s asylum claims were in part based on his contention that he converted from Islam to Christianity and therefore feared persecution in Afghanistan on account of his religion, according to a document from the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).

Here is a timeline of Ezedi’s bids for asylum in the UK, leading up to the attack and the discovery of his body.

Clapham Common incident
Ezedi was seen in a Tesco Express shop (Metropolitan Police/PA)

– January 8 2016

Ezedi arrives in the UK and claims asylum on the basis of problems with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

– February 2016

He starts attending Grange Road Baptist Church in Jarrow, South Tyneside.

– May 18 2016

Ezedi’s claim for asylum is refused – a decision which he appeals against.

– February 8 2017

The appeal is dismissed after a judge of the First-tier Tribunal found inconsistencies in Ezedi’s account painted a picture lacking credibility.

– June 30 2017

Ezedi’s appeal rights are exhausted.

Clapham Common incident
An empty container with corrosive warnings on the label (Met Police)

– June 24 2018

Ezedi is baptised after participating in a course run by Grange Road Baptist Church and goes on to engage in street ministry and handing out church leaflets.

– March 19 2019

Ezedi makes “further submissions” for asylum and humanitarian protection, claiming that he would be at risk if he had to return to Afghanistan.

– March 3 2020

His claim for asylum and humanitarian protection is refused.

– March 17 2020

Ezedi lodges an appeal against the decision.

– November 6 2020

Ezedi’s asylum appeal is allowed, after a First-tier Tribunal judge finds that he underwent a genuine faith conversion to Christianity, which would put him at risk if he returned to Afghanistan.

Met Police Marine Policing Unit searching for Ezedi
Members of the Metropolitan Police Marine Policing Unit searching for Ezedi (Lucy North/PA)

– January 31 2024
The alkaline attack takes place in Lessar Avenue on a 31-year-old woman, who was with her daughters, aged three and eight.

Ezedi was previously in a relationship with the woman, but he was not the father of the children.

Ezedi allegedly throws the younger child to the ground and makes off in his car, which crashes into a stationary vehicle nearby.

He then runs off.

The Metropolitan Police are called to the scene, with 12 people, including five officers, injured.

The last recorded sighting of Ezedi is at 11.27pm when he crosses over Chelsea Bridge towards the north side.

– February 1 to February 8

A massive manhunt for Ezedi continues.

Abdul Ezedi’s last-known movements
(PA Graphics)

February 9

Met Police detectives give a media briefing in which they tell reporters they believe Ezedi went into the River Thames at Chelsea Bridge, some four hours after the alkaline attack on Wednesday January 31.

Searches are carried out over the next 10 days.

February 19

A body seen in the water near Tower Bridge at Tower pier is recovered by the Met Police’s Marine Policing Unit and viewed by detectives working on the investigation.

February 23

Police confirm that Ezedi drowned after his body is formally identified following a post-mortem examination.