Timeline for controversial Zone 15 parking scheme review announced

Cheltenham's Zone 15 continues to be controversial with residents
Cheltenham's Zone 15 has proved controversial -Credit:Will Morgan

A controversial parking scheme that provoked an outcry will be reviewed by the county council. The changes in the All Saint's area of Cheltenham - dubbed Zone 15 - have been beset by rows, delays and apologies.

Now, Gloucestershire County Council is to begin its review into the implementation of the All Saint’s parking scheme. This review is being undertaken to address community concerns surrounding controls that were introduced in 2023, it saidl

The county council has commissioned Project Centre Ltd, an experienced and independent transport consultancy, to work alongside their parking team to deliver the review process. From 7 May, crews will be in the area to start on-site surveys and begin reviewing current designs.

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Project Centre is also in the process of reviewing all feedback provided to date, which will be used to help shape updates and changes to the current scheme. In delivering this review, Project Centre will work with the local community to develop a scheme which is reflective of the needs and uses of the community.

Review timeline

  • May 2024 – review launch: on-site parking surveys, which will indicate parking usage in the area and how effective the zone 15 parking controls are.

  • June 2024 – opportunity to tell us what will make the scheme better for you. We will tell you what we have found from our surveys and from past communications with the county council. From the engagement we will develop concept designs for an updated scheme.

  • June/July 2024 – public consultation: we will be launching a public engagement in June asking for feedback on the concept designs and on parking issues in the area.

  • August/September 2024 – feedback review: following the engagement period, all feedback will be reviewed and used to create a design scheme. These will be shared on the website for you to view at advertised locations. These designs will then be subject to approval by the county council and a formal statutory consultation process.

  • Late 2024/early 2025 – implementation: once updated designs have been confirmed, we will work with residents and our community to implement the required changes and improvements.

Almost 3,000 people have signed the petition opposing the zone, which aims to improve residents' ability to park on their roads by deterring commuters from leaving their vehicles on residential streets and walking to work. Many Cheltenham General Hospital workers were known to leave their vehicles in the area to avoid high parking charges.

A main issue for residents in Zone 15 has been the restriction to two permits for each household and business in the largely residential part of the town, as well as being stuck with just 50 visitor permits, which the council is now reviewing after public feedback