What Tina Fey Told Bowen Yang About Expressing Opinions Publicly

“Authenticity is dangerous and expensive.”

Tina Fey espoused those words of wisdom to Bowen Yang on the podcast Las Culturistas, which he co-hosts with Matt Rogers, as part of the show’s long-running segment “I Don’t Think So, Honey.” In the segment, featured at the end of every episode, Yang, Rogers and often the guest have 60 seconds to rant about an aspect of life or culture that frustrates them.

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Fey, in a moment of both humor and wisdom gleaned after years in the business, took the moment to advise Yang, an SNL breakout and a star of the upcoming film Wicked, among others, on how to navigate his fame.

“I don’t think so, honey, Bowen Yang giving his real opinions about movies on this podcast. I regret to inform you that you’re too famous now, sir,” Fey said.

While Yang and Rogers often give their opinions on films, albums and artists on the pop culture podcast, Fey seemed to specifically reference an opinion Yang had espoused on a Jan. 10 episode discussing Academy Award nominees. In the episode, Yang said he was excited to see what director-writer Emerald Fennell does next, but he also said he was “bored” during Saltburn and pointed to what he saw as discrepancies with the chronology and some plot points in the film.

“You have a problem with Saltburn? Shhh. Quiet luxury,” Fey said. “Keep it to yourself. Because what are you going to do when Emerald Fennell calls you about her next project, where you play Carey Mulligan’s co-worker in the bridal section of Harrods and then Act Three takes a sexually violent turn and you have to pretend to be surprised by that turn? You hang out with Ariana and SpongeBob now, that is your life.”

Fey also referenced Ayo Edebiri, who had poked fun at Jennifer Lopez’s career on a podcast years ago, calling it a “scam,” and jokingly addressed those comments while hosting SNL last weekend with Lopez as a musical guest.

“Learn from my mistakes. Learn from Ayo. Podcasts are forever,” Fey said.

“LEARN FROM ME,” Edebiri later commented on the video of the exchange.

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