Tina Knowles reveals Beyonce's twin boys are 'amazing'

Tina Knowles has spoken about her twin grandchildren, Rumi and Sir, ahead of their seventh birthday.

Beyonce's mum, 70, has opened up about the pair for the first time.

"Rumi is amazing - an amazing artist, painter and creator," she told E! News. "How could they be anything else growing up in that environment? All we talk about is creativity and fashion."

She continued, "Sir is very quiet," explaining he "does all of the numbers stuff, so he's not into fashion as much".

Rumi recently appeared on Beyonce's Cowboy Carter country album on the track Protector, which charted at number 42 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, the children are rarely seen in public.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are also parents to daughter Blue Ivy, 12. She appeared on Beyoncé's Renaissance tour, and was featured on Brown Skin Girl in 2019, when she was seven years old. She will make her voice acting debut alongside her mother in Mufasa: The Lion King later this year.