Tina Malone discovers husband's cause of death and will 'never get over it'

Shameless star Tina Malone has shared her husband took his own life after fighting a private battle. Channel 4 Shameless star Tina has confirmed that her late husband, Paul Chase, died of suicide and shares her anger at the lack of support for veterans facing mental health issues.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant says PTSD drove her army veteran husband to suicide. “I’ll never get over it. I miss him so badly and I love him so much. One thing I know… he’s in a better place than here," she told the Mirror.

When police knocked on the door of the Liverpool home they shared, Tina “just knew”. She told the newspaper on Saturday (May 18): “Paul hadn’t come home the previous night. I heard sirens, saw flashing blue lights, and I knew.”

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One month on from his death, Malone, 61, told her social media followers: “Four weeks ago at 4pm today my hubby made scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, sausages for Flame, kissed me and said see you later…. 10 hours later he was dead, I am broken, so bereft.”

She told Closer magazine in a previous interview while Paul was alive that the issues in their marriage had been caused by depression and, after splitting, she realised she could save things if they “pulled together” as opposed to “falling apart”.

“We’re working on things now,” she told the outlet, adding: “Our problems were compounded by depression but I learned that in tough times you have to pull together and not apart. We were either arguing, bickering or not talking at all, I’d end up putting Flame to bed and falling asleep next to her."

She said tonight of her Paul’s Flame charity: “I want it to shine a light on people in poverty and in crisis. The single mum who needs a new washing machine, someone who has come out of the army and needs a microwave. I saw for myself when Paul died how a community came together.

"Paul would be extremely proud.”