Tintin comic strip expected to sell for over £350k at auction

A Tintin comic strip which features drops of creator Herge's blood on it is expected to sell for around £350,000 when it goes on sale at a Paris auction on September 18, 2019.

The scene depicts the end of the world which is said to help increase the artwork's value.

Previously, an original drawing from the popular Tintin adventure 'Explorers on the Moon' sold for a record £1.3m in 2016.

The 50cm x 35cm drawing in Chinese ink featured the news reporter, his dog, Snowy, and sailor Captain Haddock wearing spacesuits and walking on the moon while looking at Earth.

"It's simply fantastic. It's an exceptional price for an exceptional piece," said Artcurial's comics expert, Eric Leroy. He described Explorers on the Moon as "a key moment in the history of comic book art ... it has become legendary for many lovers and collectors of comic strips".