'Tiny Babies With Huge Ears!': Four Nyala Babies Born at Australian Zoo

Staff at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria celebrated the birth of four nyala calves, video released on May 16 shows.

Staff from Zoos Victoria told Storyful the three males and one female have been named Nunuberry, Obie, Teshi and Malva, respectively, and were all born in the last five weeks.

Werribee Open Range Zoo Savannah keeper Katie Jones said when the calves were born the mothers use a behaviour called “stashing” where they hide the babies in the long grass to protect them from predators.

“The mothers come every day to feed the calves when they think the coast is clear, and the calves re-join the rest of the herd when they’re old enough.”

Video shows a mother grooming her baby at the zoo. Credit: Zoos Victoria via Storyful