Tiny Yorkshire village so beautiful locals want to keep it under wraps

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A Yorkshire seaside village has been hailed as a "beautiful jewel" on the east coast with locals keen to preserve its infectious seaside charm. "It's absolutely great here, don't tell the Southerners," quipped Robin Hood's Bay resident Dale Price, who runs a delightful café in the picturesque village near Whitby.

Our trip to this idyllic spot was inspired by its reputation as the sixth best place in the UK for a fish and chips meal and its frequent listing among Britain's top staycation destinations.

Robin Hood's Bay presents a scene straight from a fairytale. We meandered through the village, admiring the elegant red-roofed cottages that tumble down the steep cobbled streets towards the sea.

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The picture-perfect village boasts lovely gardens, vibrant flowers, and narrow lanes that beckon visitors to wander. The dramatic cliffs and crags along the coast are caressed by the North Sea's waves, shimmering in their azure splendour.

Dale, 46, established his cafe, Elle Estelles Cafe, on New Road 13 years ago after transforming a former bookshop removing the old, shaky shelves. The cosy tea and coffee shop is named after his daughter, who has since made him a proud grandfather.

Visibly proud of his village, Dale commented: "It's stunning up here. We're very much a holiday destination. Robin's Hood Bay is a beautiful jewel on the East Coast the Jurassic coast! It's stunning, beautiful as good as Devon or Cornwall, or similar! " He further stated: "There's a bit of a holiday atmosphere and everyone is in a good mood because they're here on holiday. It gets stupid busy. I'm doing ten things a minute in this little space, we dance around each other."

Further down the bucolic lane sits Dollies Sweet Shop, a traditional British sweet shop where ice-cream is served by the scoop and every nook is crammed with sweets and treats. Chloe Purves, 26, who works in her family's shop, just a stone's throw from the sea, shared her perspective.

Chloe remarked: "It's a unique old place that is untouched and special because it's very 'local' as things haven't changed and modernised with the rest of the community, basically."

She added: "I love serving ice-cream. Our ice-cream comes from our family's own parlour. I love all of the families that return to our shop and we've got good connections with all of the locals."

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