Todd Howard says the level of detail on the Fallout show went so far, he actually found a full Vault report on set

 Todd Howard at the Fallout premiere.
Todd Howard at the Fallout premiere.

Bethesda director Todd Howard has revealed the absurd lengths the Fallout TV show went to for the props you’ll never see.

While speaking to The Guardian, Howard recounted his time on the set of the Prime Video series – and noticing the practical effects that littered the iconic Vaults.

"I got to set and I thought there’d be more movie magic, but they literally just built a multi-level Vault," Howard said.

"They obsessed over everything. I went into the overseer’s office, I sat down at the desk and there was a stack of papers, and someone had written out a note – then I turned it over and there was a report on the power in the Vault. They even got a real jetpack in there!"

That level of detail is something that Ella Purnell, who plays Lucy, told GamesRadar+ allowed her to be "better at her job".

"The attention to detail was insane," Purnell recalled. "I really do think it allows you to be better at your job because you’re reacting in real time. You’re able to improvise a little and collaborate with your director because you’re able to say, ‘Well, what if I did this?’ because you’ve got props all around you, every notebook is full. You get to really play. It is a playground, isn’t it?"

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