Toddler Despairs as Uncle Tries to Take Back Phone and Continue Call With Girlfriend

According to his mom, two-year-old Adonis has “so much love to give”, although in hilarious video from January 19, he was aiming it squarely at his uncle’s girlfriend, and was in no mood to share.

The adorable video, recorded by Susana Addo at home in Massachusetts, shows Adonis the heartbreaker babbling on a video call with his uncle Jaja’s girlfriend, and loudly crying any time his uncle tried to continue the call himself.

Having cried and pushed Jaja away, Adonis gets back to business, trying to impress the woman on the call with his favorite toy and some dance moves.

Addo told Storyful that the “match made in heaven” started a year ago, when Adonis took a couple of steps towards JaJa’s girlfriend as he was leaning to walk. Since then, she said, the toddler has taken the habit of “claiming” his uncle’s phone and refusing to give it back, whenever JaJa is on a video call.

“This time he made it extra cute by trying to impress her with one of his favorite toys, followed by a song and dance,” she said. Credit: Susana Addo via Storyful

Video transcript

- No!

- I'm going to help you out.

- No, no. [CRIES]

- Look at that.

- Look at his face.


- Look at his face.


- Give it back.

- What do you want, bro?


- Hi, Gooba. You OK?




- What happened?


- What's going on? Can I-- can I talk to her?

- Don't touch her.

- No?


- Why?

- He's like, oh, let me show her my tablet.

- Oh, my god.

- Baby toy!

- She can't even see you, bro.

- Baby toy! It's a baby toy.

- Oh, wow.

- [INAUDIBLE] that's so adorable [INAUDIBLE].

- So cool.

- Baby toy.

- I'm just setting it up. I'm just setting it up for you.


As I slowly move--


- Bro, it's still you on the screen.



- [INAUDIBLE] just to put her back down on your side.


- Hello!

- Gooba.

- [INAUDIBLE] feel it.

- [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, my god, now, he's trying to dance and you can't even see him.

- [LAUGHS] [INAUDIBLE] can't see you like that.

- She can't see you dance.


- Ooh.



- What?


- You know what? I'm out of here. [INAUDIBLE], I'm going to talk to you later, all right?