Tom Hanks voices ‘new Pixar character’ in Saturday Night Live skit

Tom Hanks voices ‘new Pixar character’ in Saturday Night Live skit

Tom Hanks made a cameo as himself in a Saturday Night Live sketch last night (29 October), in which he agrees to voice a new character in a hypothetical Pixar film.

The actor, who famously voiced Woody in Pixar’s Toy Story franchise, offers a sample of himself in the role, even imbuing the character – an anthropomorphic piece of luggage – with a catchphrase.

Hanks also appeared again later in the episode, which was hosted by Jack Harlow.

In the final skit, he reprised his popular SNL character David S Pumpkins, whom he first portrayed on the show in 2016.

The Pixar skit was set in an alcoholics annonymous meeting, and saw a group member called Jesse (played by Harlow) derail procedings by vividly describing his own pitch for a Pixar film about talking suitcases.

One by one, the other attendees get on board with the pitch, and start brainstorming ideas.

After singing a musical number, a character played by Bowen Yang asks: “Who is going to play our main suitcase, our everyman, our Woody?”

Hanks, playing himself, then enters, saying that he is “there to research a role” and “may be an alcoholic”.

Jesse then asks him: “If you were a suitcase, what would your catch phrase be?”

Tom Hanks on ‘Saturday Night Live' (NBC)
Tom Hanks on ‘Saturday Night Live' (NBC)

Hanks then launches into a voice, exclaiming: “That really snagged my zippers!”

You can watch the full sketch here.

Elsewhere on the episode of SNL, Harlow was praised by viewers for appearing “unrecognisable” in many of the show’s skits.

A sketch mocking Kanye West’s run-in with Skechers also went down well with viewers, with some calling the comedy routine “cleverly written”.