Tom Hanks's son, Chet Hanks, recalls drug addiction rock bottom

Tom Hanks's son, Chet Hanks, has recalled being warned by other drug addicts that his behaviour was out of control.

The 33-year-old rap star is the son of Hollywood legend Tom, 67, and Sleepless in Seattle actress Rita Wilson, and has struggled with drug addiction in the past.

In a new interview, he recalled being alarmed when other drug abusers told him they were concerned over the amount of cocaine he was taking.

He told the Raw Talk podcast, "The drug I had the most problem with was just f**kingcoke, dude. I'm a f**king cokehead, straight-up."

He recalled, "I would go do coke with the cokeheads and they would be telling me, like, 'Yo, chill, bro. Wait a second. Give it like 15 minutes.' I couldn't get enough of that."

He went on to explain that he no longer takes the drug and has warned others of the crippling hold drugs can take.

Chet said, "It's terrible. It eats away (at you). You just, like, wither away 'cause you can't eat, you can't sleep."

Chet has previously discussed his close relationship with his Oscar-winning father - and explained how he has forced himself to carve out a career on screen and in music himself the hard way.

Speaking to Too Fab in 2019, he said, "Everything I've got I had to earn myself, I had to go and audition for every role I got, just like anybody else. It's not like I'm just gonna make a phone call and, boom, you're in it; that's not how it works."