Tom Hardy lent Prince Harry his Mad Max costume for incognito night out with Meghan

Tom Hardy lent Prince Harry his Mad Max costume for incognito night out with Meghan

Prince Harry has told how he borrowed Tom Hardy’s Mad Max costume for a secret Halloween night out.

In his new memoir Spare, which was released on Tuesday (10 January), the Duke of Sussex details his last night out with then-girlfriend Meghan Markle before their relationship was leaked to the press.

The couple, who were in Toronto at the time, had celebrated with a small group of close friends at the city’s branch of Soho House for an apocalypse-themed Halloween event.

Harry had phoned a friend to assist with the costume for the event, writing in the memoir: “For help with my costume, I turned to a friend, the actor Tom Hardy, before I left home.

“I phoned him to ask if I could borrow his costume from Mad Max. ‘The whole thing?’ ‘Yes, please, mate! The whole kit!’”

When Harry later tried on the costume, which Hardy wore in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road, in front of Meghan, she “roared with laughter”.

“It was funny. And a little scary. But the main thing was: I was unrecognisable,” he recalled. “Meg, meanwhile, wore torn black shorts, a camo top, fishnet stockings. If that’s the apocalypse, bring on the end of the world, I thought.”

Remembering turning up to the party in disguise, Harry wrote: “The party was loud, dark, drunk – ideal. Several people did double takes as Meg passed through the rooms, but no one looked twice at her dystopian date. I wished I could wear this disguise every day.”

The following day, the story of their relationship was released in the press, after which “everything was changed forever”.

The duke explained how the couple had received a “tip” off that their relationship was due to leak the following day, writing: “We’d been tipped, before heading off to the Halloween apocalypse, that another apocalypse might be coming.”

Describing the moments before the news was made public as the “calm before the s*** storm”, Harry explained how he’d asked Meghan if she was ready for what was to come.

“‘Well,’ we said, staring anxiously at our phones, ‘it was going to happen eventually’.”