Tom Holland and Emmy Rossum’s mother-son age gap in new series bemuses fans – but it may be deliberate

Tom Holland fans have reacted with bemusement to the latest casting news for his forthcoming Apple TV+ series, The Crowded Room.

It was announced yesterday (22 February) that Emmy Rossum would be joining the project, playing the mother of Holland’s character.

However, users on social media were quick to point out that Rossum is in fact only 10 years older than the 25-year-old Holland – making their on-screen maternal relationship somewhat hard to believe.

Some people have suggested that the casting is an example of sexist casting trends in Hollywood, with older female characters often marginalised or cast with younger-skewing actors in mainstream movies.

One person wrote: “35-year-old Emmy Rossum to play 25-year old Tom Holland‘s mom? *sigh*”

“Emmy Rossum playing Tom Holland’s mother on television because she is 10 years older than him and that’s how math works OBSESSED HOLLYWOOD IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!” wrote another.

“I’m supposed to believe Emmy Rossum is Tom Holland‘s mom?!” asked someone else.

However, it has been speculated that Rossum may feature predominantly in flashback scenes, meaning that she would in fact be paired with a younger version of Holland’s character.

“Guys – Emmy Rossum is playing Tom Holland’s mom because the vast majority of her scenes are flashbacks to his character’s very early childhood when he endured the trauma that caused his Dissociative Identity Disorder,” wrote one person. “It started before he was 5 years old. Okay, carry on.”

“Nothing here says that Emmy Rossum is going to be playing Tom Holland‘s mother in a present-day capacity,” wrote another. “Like... it could all or primarily be flashbacks in which case, the age difference between them doesn’t seem particularly silly.

According to Apple, The Crowded Room is a “seasonal anthology” that will “explore inspirational stories of those who have struggled, and learned to successfully live with, mental illness”.

No release date has yet been announced.