Tom Parker's wife Kelsey says everything she did for his 'healthy death' worked

Tom Parker and Kelsey Parker, who said she did everything to give him a 'healthy' death
Tom Parker and Kelsey Parker, who said she did everything to give him a 'healthy' death

Tom Parker's death was healthy and without pain, says his widow Kelsey, explaining that everything she did to help her husband worked.

Parker, 32, spoke to Kate Thornton on White Wine Question Time about her husband's death in March from a brain tumour. He had been diagnosed in October 2020.

The actor said, even in his final week of life, she 'was still doing stuff to try and keep [Tom] alive'.

But Parker, who signs off many of her Instagram posts with 'positive Parkers', said the things she had done to keep him healthy had worked.

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She said: "Everything I did did work, because he had a healthy death. He didn't die in pain, his organs didn't pack in.

"He had a really nice death, everything I set out to do worked."

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The couple have two children together aged three and one.

Tom had his first seizure in July 2020, but Kelsey said at the time of his diagnosis The Wanted singer was 'so healthy', and avoided coming down with bugs or coronavirus.

"Even in the final days," she explained, "he was still sort of glowing, he had a lovely colour about him.

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Tom Parker of The Wanted poses during a portrait session, 2011. (Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

"I just think that's what we set out to do. Whatever happens, let's get him to be his optimum health. And we did."

Along with her best friends — one also called Kelsey and another called Rosie — she kept the singer eating healthily, and worked with Rosie, who became Tom's personal trainer.

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She said: "We had a joke, it was like there were three wives there. There was me, obviously the first wife, Kelsey, the second wife, and then Rosie was the third wife."

While Tom would argue with Rosie about what he could and couldn't eat, she said that Tom and her friend Kelsey 'never really argued'.

Her friends use to laugh at her she said, because there was 'there was literally no stone that I didn't overturn' in her research to find what might help Tom.

Kelsey shared a Father's Day video on her Instagram account
Kelsey shared a Father's Day video on her Instagram account

She said: "This is the stuff that doctors don't really want to touch on. They would want Tom to eat certain foods and I'm like: 'But I don't understand why he would need to eat that food, he's better off eating clean and staying as healthy as possible.'

"It's really important to do your research, research is key when you get a stage four, terminal diagnosis. I think you should just research everything that you could possibly do."

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Thornton asked if Parker thought that dealing with the facts helped distract from having to deal with the emotions.

But Parker said the pair were emotional people and that they spoke about 'absolutely everything'.

"Death wasn't one of the things that we spoke about," she said. "But it would be like: 'If that does come Tom, then we'll deal with that as well.'

"Even when he first got [diagnosed], it was like: 'Let's not worry about what's wrong with you. Let's just try and get through where you're going."

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