Who Is Tom Sandoval’s New Girlfriend? What We Know About Victoria Lee Robinson

In the event you've been living under a literal rock, Vanderpump Rules's Tom Sandoval has officially found a new love in his life! Enter: Victoria Lee Robinson, who, according to the reality star, has never watched the hit show (oh, and before you ask, she's also apparently not “familiar with it whatsoever”).

Here she is confirming the tidbit herself, in case you were curious ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:

According to Sandoval, Victoria “doesn't care about social media following or anything... She's also very generous, she's very sweet, she takes care of people, she's very nurturing, very maternal, and she's spontaneous. We have a lot of fun together.”

In the past few months, the Tom Sandoval & The MOST Extras singer has continued to gush about his new girlfriend during interviews and on social media. So without further ado, here's everything we know about Victoria—yw!

They began dating around February 2024

Or at least, that's when these two decided to make their 'ship ~social media official~ c/o a buncha snaps Sandoval shared on his Instagram Story right around Valentine's Day. The photos in question, you ask? Some cuddly selfies outside the Vanderpump Rules star's restaurant Schwartz & Sandys in which the couple was smiling, wrapping their arms around each other, and kissing.

tom sandoval and victoria lee robinson
Tom Sandoval - Instagram

Oh, and P.S. All these ^^ pics came out around the same time as the duo's first date, which Sandoval described as “very adventurous and a little crazy” on the Billie & the Kid podcast on February 7, 2024. “This week, my addiction of the week is definitely my friend Victoria that I have been hanging out with. She’s definitely super awesome and she’s one of the sweetest people,” he added.

According to the reality star, he's known his now-girlfriend “for a super long time,” but their relationship had always remained pretty platonic until they ultimately went on a date. “[It was] awesome,” he gushed. “She is just a very sweet, thoughtful person.”

And just a few weeks after his podcast appearance, Sandoval asked Victoria to be his Valentine! Ahem:

tom sandoval
Tom Sandoval - Instagram

She and Sandoval met thanks to Vanderpump Rules

You totally read that right. 👀 Remember how the VPR cast had a dramatic beach outing in episode 11 of this past season? Yah, well apparently, that day led to these two ultimately connecting IRL.

During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules After Show, the celeb recalled, “So, at The Waterfront, there were those girls who [Tom Schwartz and I] were talking to at the table...I stayed in contact with one of the girls and then she asked her friend to come to one of my shows.”

Sandoval then added that the girl from the beach and her friend—which wound up being *drumroll, pls* Victoria—“had fun” at his Tom Sandoval & The MOST Extras show, but it wasn't until they happened to run into each other one more time that things took a turn: “We ended up going to do karaoke, came back to my house, [and] we were hanging out. We were just friends, and then we were more than that.”

She's a model

In case ya didn't know, Victoria is a professional model, who, according to her LinkedIn page, is currently signed to Ford Models.

tom sandoval and victoria lee robinson
Bravo - Getty Images

During that same February Billie & the Kid podcast episode, Sandoval gushed all about how much he loved his girlfriend's work ethic. “She is a model, she works a lot and she is very successful. She does well for herself but she is also very humble and really cool,” he said.

Good! To! Know!!!

She's rumored to have dated Leo

Yah, like that Leo. During the summer of 2016, the model was romantically linked to the mega-famous actor when the two were spotted leaving a New York City after-party for *checks notes* Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour.

And, yes, Sandoval totally reacted to the speculation during an episode of the Vanderpump Rules After Show. “I think they dated very briefly,” he confessed before lightheartedly mentioning DiCaprio's penchant for dating women who are sub-25. “Yeah, maybe she aged out or something, I don't know.”

Oh, and she's been to Sandoval's hometown 👀

Back in May 2024, the couple reached a huge milestone by making the trek to St. Louis, Missouri right after Sandoval made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (psssst: Victoria fully made a cameo during his segment!). Per the episode, the two had been dating for “three, four months, roughly,” at the time.

During their stay in the reality star's hometown, Sandoval's parents reunited to spend time with them after a Tom Sandoval & The MOST Extras show...and this snap was the ultimate proof that they were all together.

a group of people posing for a photo
Tom Sandoval - Instagram

“Thx for taking the pic @victorialeerobinson,” the Vanderpump Rules star captioned the pic.

More pics of their time in St. Louis (including a trip to watch a Cardinals baseball game), incoming!

a group of people posing for the camera
Tom Sandoval - Instagram
a screenshot of a phone
Tom Sandoval - Instagram

Tom Schwartz approves of the relationship

In an unsurprising confession, during a February 20 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Sandoval's best friend expressed his approval of the 'ship.

“I have chilled with her,” he confirmed when host Andy Cohen read a fan's question about whether he'd met Victoria aloud. “She is absolutely lovely. Obviously, devastatingly good-looking, super successful, and she is very charming. I approve on all levels.”

The more you know!!!

Aaaaaaaand that's pretty much all the info we have on Victoria! But definitely make sure to check back in for the latest on these two.

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