Tom Sandoval's cheating scandal 'is a badge of shame'

Tom Sandoval wears his 2023 cheating scandal as a "badge of shame".

The 40-year-old star has apologised to Ariana Madix, his ex-girlfriend, for cheating on her with Rachel Leviss.

He said on the 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion episode: "I know you don't want to be around me. Whatever our relationship was the good, the bad - whatever you did, whatever I did - it doesn't matter. You didn't deserve that. And I'm really sorry, from the bottom of my heart."

Tom still has deep regrets about his months-long affair, and he acknowledged that he's struggled to move on from the controversy.

The reality TV star - who was visibly emotional during the reunion episode - said: "Ariana, I regret it every day. I wear it as a badge of shame. I did the thing that I said I would never do and I did it."

Earlier this year, Ariana accused Tom of refusing to accept responsibility for his actions.

She said on an episode of 'Vanderpump Rules': "He still will not take responsibility for what he did. So ease up?! I'm not gonna be like, 'Hey everybody, it's me Ariana on my Instagram Story, if you guys could just like, be nice to my ex-boyfriend who did all these things...' that's not happening."

Tom has spoken openly about his mental health struggles over the last year.

And while Ariana has some sympathy for her ex-boyfriend, she also believes that he only has himself to blame.

The TV star - who recently became the new host of 'Love Island USA' - said: "I can understand that he has had some thoughts and some feelings, but those thoughts and those feelings are based on a situation he created."