Tommy Lasorda tells Korean fan to "go back [to where he's from]"

This shocking, never-seen-before video shows L.A. Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda telling a fan that he should go back to Korea.

In the clip, Lasorda, then 90, can be seen singling out a fan and asking: "So you're from where?" To which the fan responds "Korea".

Lasorda then asks: "Why don't you go back there?"

The video was taken in April of 2018 in the Dodgers stadium.

The person who shot the video, who requested anonymity, said: "When he said what he said … I was like: 'did he just say that'?

"I was a season ticket holder at that point. When I watched the video I said, 'oh my god I can't believe he said that to this guy'. I never knew he was a racist.

"I showed it to a few people and they all said they had no idea that he didn't like Korean people or people of color. I'm Mexican myself.

"I stopped being a season ticket holder after that."

Lasorda is a living legend to Dodgers fans, having managed the team from 1976-1996 and winning two World Series with the club.

He's been a part of the Dodgers organization since 1954 when he made his major league debut as a pitcher.

The anonymous videographer, a Dodgers' fan since the sixties, says that initially, he felt conflicted about releasing the video to the public.

He said: "I called someone at Dodgers Stadium and spoke with a representative of the Dodgers and he just blew me off.

"They could have done something. This is not supposed to be a prejudiced town.

"Lasorda should just be a lot nicer. Whether he's serious or not he shouldn't be saying those things.

"I've loved him my whole life. I'm totally embarrassed by Tommy."

The source claims that Lasorda's actions, and the Astros cheating scandal of 2019, have completely turned him off baseball.

He added: "I've been following the Dodgers my whole life. My whole family grew up Dodgers' fans.

"This past season I hardly watched the Dodgers. This season, with coronavirus, I haven't missed it.

"To be thought of like that by someone so important to our organization, I just don't want to watch baseball anymore."

A spokesperson for The Dodgers organization said: "We were deeply disturbed by Tommy's comments from this 2018 incident.


"His comments have no place in our society, and the Dodgers do not condone or support them in any way.


"Diversity, respect and inclusion are fundamental to the Dodgers organization and Tommy's actions in this video do not reflect our values."


Major League Baseball echoed the sentiments of the Los Angeles club, saying: "A remark like the one Tommy Lasorda made is contrary to the values of Major League Baseball and completely unacceptable."


Lasorda, also sent out an apology himself which stated: "I'm sorry for my actions, which don't represent who I am.


"I have a love for all people worldwide and have a great respect for Koreans, who have welcomed me to their country several times.


"Some of the best players and finest people that I've met through baseball have been from Korea.


"I apologize to this fan and all others whom I've offended with this remark. I love all Dodger fans, and everyone attending games at Dodger Stadium deserves a welcoming experience."