Tony Christie 'forgets friends names' but proud to be still working

The 79-year-old pop legend aims to celebrate the work of carers

Thank You For Being A Friend campaign (Music for Dementia)
Tony Christie is backing the Thank You For Being A Friend campaign. (Music for Dementia)

Tony Christie has admitted he struggles to remember people's names, but that he is hopeful of a cure for dementia is found as he releases a new charity record.

The (Is This The Way To) Amarillo singer was diagnosed with the condition in 2021.

Christie has announced that he will re-release Thank You For Being A Friend in aid of charity Music for Dementia.

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He is set to re-record the song with a number of special guests ahead of Thank You Day in July which aims to celebrate the work of carers.

The 79-year-old pop legend appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss his battle with dementia. Asked if he struggles to remain positive, Christie said: “Not at the moment. No. There will be a cure eventually."

Tony Christie shot for Acid Jazz Records (Music for Dementia)
Tony Christie was diagnosed with dementia earlier this year. (Music for Dementia)

He added: “The specialist that actually did the tests on me (highlighted)… the fact that I was a singer for a living and music was forever around me.

"She said: ‘Music is one of the top therapies for dementia.’ All I wanted to do was sing for a living, that’s what I felt that I was put on this earth to do. And that’s what I did… I will carry on doing it, that is a threat.”

Christie also discussed living with the incurable condition: “I’m fine. I’m very proud of the fact that I’m still here working and I’m not ashamed of what (I’ve) got… I still meet people I’ve known for donkey’s years. The only thing is I forget their names."

Thank You For Being A Friend campaign (Music for Dementia)
Tony Christie calls music 'therapy' for dementia patients. (Music for Dementia)

Thank You for Being a Friend was originally released in 1978 by Andrew Gold before it was covered by Cynthia Fee and became the theme song for The Golden Girls.

Christie announced he had been diagnosed with dementia in January this year after he had started to forget things.

At the time, he said that the medication he had been prescribed had "really slowed" the disease down.

Watch below: Tony Christie vows to keep working despite dementia diagnosis