'I took my dog to new groomers - he doesn't even look like the same animal any more'

Most people can get a bit picky about how they like their hair done. It is why so many people keep the same hairdresser or barber for years, because they know the stylist can get their hair how they want it.

A bad haircut can ruin someone's mood for days as they impatiently wait for it to grow out again so they can get it fixed. And when it comes to our pets, a dodgy trim for them can affect us just as much.

We love our furry friends and want them looking their best as much as possible. When we take them to the groomers, we expect them to come out looking neat and tidy.

So imagine one woman's shock when she took her beloved Goldendoodle for a trim - and returned to find that her pet didn't even look like the same dog.

Owner Sarah shared the story of the worst haircut her dog Scout ever received on her TikTok account, @inputcoffee, The Mirror reports.

The clip, which quickly went viral, has pictures of Scout's previous trips to the groomer, where he looks fantastic. She then followed this up with a snap after his latest haircut, which left her questioning if she had the right dog.

Scout before the trip to the groomers
Scout before the trip to the groomers -Credit:tiktok.com/@inputcoffee
The dog was unrecognisable after his trim
The dog was unrecognisable after his trim -Credit:tiktok.com/@inputcoffee

The earlier photos show the dog with amazing curly fur. But the groomer had buzzed it extremely short, getting rid of all the curls. Even his distinctive brown fur on his ears was cut back, leaving him unrecognisable.

Sarah shared the video with the caption: "I took Scout to a new groomers and left with a new dog."

The shocking clip rapidly racked up over 250,000 views and attracted dozens of comments from users who were stunned at the shocking haircut.

One person wrote: "That poor puppy! They did him dirty." Another replied: "When I tell you I gasped out loud..." While a third said Scout's new look made him seem like he was "straight out of Resident Evil".

Responding to viewers in the comments, Sarah added: "When he came home he kept barking at his reflection in the mirror, he couldn't recognise himself."

She also joked he's "embarrassed" and that she was left "questioning herself" as to whether it really was Scout when she picked him up.

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