Tooth found in Tesco yoghurt ‘external’

Gaby Leslie

A tooth which found its way inside a man’s yoghurt did not enter it during the manufacturing process, according to Tesco.

Former corporal, David Casey, 43, was shocked to discover that he had mistakenly bitten into a yellow tooth with a filling attached instead of a piece of fudge inside 68p Tesco’s own Devonshire-Style Fudge Yoghurt.

Upon eating the bizarre item on 24 September, disgusted Mr Casey drove to the store at Arena Park, Bedworth, Warwickshire, demanding an explanation.

But a full investigation by the supermarket giant with its supplier has since ruled that the tooth did not get inside the pot during production.

Mr Casey, who is suffering from stomach cancer, told the Coventry Telegraphy: “Straight away when I saw it, it looked like a tooth. It even had fillings as well. They refunded me the money for the yogurt and said they would send it back for further analysis.

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“They’ve said sorry for the inconvenience but it’s not inconvenient – it’s disgusting. I could have someone’s scabby tooth in my stomach right now and that would not have been nice.”

After the incident, Tesco sent Mr Casey two £15 vouchers, which he returned both times labelling it an ‘insult’.

Responding to the incident, a Tesco spokeswoman said on Tuesday: “Food security is something that is taken very seriously and not left to chance. We have carried out a full investigation with our supplier that suggests the tooth did not enter the yoghurt pot during the manufacture process.

“Firstly the yoghurt ingredients are passed through a number of fine sieves which would remove any foreign body and the fudge pieces themselves are visually inspected.

“The final safeguard is the product passing through a metal detector. We fully appreciate what an unpleasant find this must have been but remain at a loss to explain how the tooth entered the product.”

It comes weeks after a separate incident where a family encountered the charred skeletal remains of a dead bird in their salad as they sat down for dinner.

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