The top 10 destinations in the US for remote workers

  • There are approximately 22 million remote workers in the US, many of whom are looking for new locales.

  • MakeMyMove recently released its list of top 10 destinations for remote workers.

  • The list includes popular hotspots and up-and-coming hidden gems.

Remote work has fundamentally changed the landscape of American life. As more and more people can do their jobs from anywhere in the country, new communities are popping up as hot spots for remote workers.

There are about 22 million adults in the US who work from home. The flexibility has allowed people to prioritize affordability and location, with many people ditching big cities for smaller towns.

MakeMyMove, a company that connects people who work from home with up-and-coming communities, released a list last week of its top 10 places for remote workers, highlighting places that are both well-known remote work locales and hidden gems.

Wichita, Kansas

Witchita, Kansas
Witchita, KansasJoe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Wichita, located in south-central Kansas, has a population of about 396,000 people, offering residents a blend of urban life and Midwestern charm. The medium home price in Wichita is $275,000 and the city boasts an internet speed of up to 5 Gbps, making it a desirable locale for remote workers, according to MakeMyMove.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa, OklahomaGetty Images

Tulsa has become a popular destination for workers freed from the constraints of in-office work thanks to the city's Tulsa Remote program, which offers transplants a $10,000 grant to start a new life there. Tulsa has a cost of living that comes in 23% below the national average, according to MakeMy Move, as well as a vibrant arts and culinary scene.

The average household in America spends $61,334 a year on various expenses, more than a third of which typically goes to housing, according to the World Population Review. 

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs, Ohio
Yellow Springs, OhioStanRohrer

Yellow Springs beckons artists and nature lovers alike with a lively creative scene and unbeatable access to the Glen Helen Nature Preserve. Budget Travel recently named the locale one of America's Coolest Small Towns, and Yellow Springs is known for its community spirit and welcoming atmosphere, according to MakeMyMove.

Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia
Columbus, GeorgiaSeanPavonePhoto

Columbus is an ideal Southern sanctuary with an affordable cost of living and a relocation program that offers people up to $5,000 and a free six-month membership to a local co-working space, according to MakeMyMove. The city is known for its history, bustling restaurant scene, and accessible hiking.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Virginia Beach, VirginiaKyle Little

Virginia Beach offers residents coastal access in a city with a median home price of $400,000. The community draws water sports enthusiasts, history buffs, and foodies. Major Virginia cities like Norfolk and Richmond are also nearby.

White County, Indiana

White County, Indiana
White County, IndianaCourtesy of MakeMyMove

White County is a rural paradise that is eager for more remote workers. MakeMyMove works with the town to help qualified people access up to $7,500 in moving cost reimbursements. White County has a cost of living 12% below the national average and access to nature and Indiana's big cities, according to the company.

Metuchen, New Jersey

Metuchen, New Jersey
Metuchen, New JerseyCourtesy of MakeMyLove

Metuchen is a small town with big city perks. The New Jersey locale offers easy access to New York City while giving remote workers the benefits of a peaceful, quiet hometown. Cute shops and restaurants line Metuchen's historic downtown, and the median home price is about $629,000, according to MakeMyMove.

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University Bloomington
Indiana University Bloomington.Ying Luo/Getty Images

Bloomington is best known as a college town, but the city also offers residents access to top-tier museums, a lively art scene, and scenic hiking routes. The median home price is $399,450, according to MakeMyMove.

Bisbee, Arizona

Bisbee skyline in front of mountains at sunset
Bisbee, ArizonaDenis Tangey, Jr./Getty Images

Bisbee is another entry in Budget Travel's list of coolest small towns. The Arizona town was once a mining haven, but today, Bisbee draws artists and bohemians drawn to its Southwest spirit and surrounding mountains. Plus, Bisbee has a cost of living 11% below the national average, according to MakeMyMove.

Pocahontas County, Iowa

Pocahontas County, Iowa
Pocahontas County, IowaCourtesy of MakeMyMove

Pocahontas County is a hidden gem for remote workers seeking a quiet, idyllic town with a cost of living 28% below the national average. The laidback locale boasts kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping, and friendly residents. MakeMyMove is working with the town to cement moving inventives.

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