Top 9 of “The Voice” Reveal Their Secret Weapon on the Show: A 'Secret So Loud Yet Can Be Looked Over' (Exclusive)

On Monday, May 13, the Top 9 took the stage for a shot at the finale on May 21

<p>Casey Durkin/NBC via Getty Images (4)</p> Asher HaVon; Maddi Jane; Bryan Olesen; Madison Curbelo

Casey Durkin/NBC via Getty Images (4)

Asher HaVon; Maddi Jane; Bryan Olesen; Madison Curbelo

Only one week away from finale on The Voice, the stakes are high — and the Top 9 is ready to give it their all to earn the winning title.

On Monday, May 13, the Top 9 caught up with PEOPLE after the live show and each revealed the secret weapon that they believe has kept them in the competition thus far.

On Team Reba, Asher HaVon says his secret is his commitment to authenticity — while Josh Sanders has leaned in to his "tonality."

"Always being the fullest version of myself when it comes to showing up," HaVon says of what matters most to him. "A secret that is so loud yet can be looked over all the time."

Sanders adds, "I've had so many musical influences over my life... I drink from many musical wells. I've got a tone that is kind of my own, and I think that might be to my advantage."

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On Team Dan + Shay, Madison Curbelo, Karen Waldrup and Tae Lewis are each grateful to have their families to lean on.

"I call my mom after every performance and I send her all the videos and all the pictures. She's been my superwoman throughout this, and I wouldn't be here without her," says Curbelo.

"My husband, Cody Henson, he is behind me a thousand percent. He never pulls at me. He never makes me feel bad for not calling him enough or answering enough phone calls. He just lets me shine," Waldrup says. "My second thing is me, my absolute channel focus efforts in getting up, working out, practicing, rehearsing, doing my vocal warmups, just taking each and every step serious."

<p>Art Streiber/NBC</p> Chance the Rapper, Dan + Shay, Reba McEntire and John Legend

Art Streiber/NBC

Chance the Rapper, Dan + Shay, Reba McEntire and John Legend

Lewis adds: "I would say my mom and my dad. My mom has been my rock for so long, she's fighting right now through kidney failure, so she's not been able to be with me, but she's been my rock for so long. I keep myself going as well. This journey is not easy and so sometimes you have to encourage yourself."

Meanwhile, Nathan Chester and Bryan Olesen are grateful for their coach, John Legend.

"John has guided me with song choices. He's guided me with a lot of notes and mentorship vocally. So I think he's been the secret potion for me that has allowed me to make it to this step," says Chester.

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Olesen adds, "I don't think I'd still be here if I wasn't on John's team. And just his words, there's many words that weren't on camera. His words of affirmation — they've built me up in a certain way that have been just wonderful."

On Team Chance, Serenity Arce has gotten through with "acceptance": "No matter what happens tomorrow, everyone is so deserving of this."

Maddi Jane always comes in prepared: "I want to give them another show. I want to leave them being like, 'Dang, love her,'" she says. "We know how to do this, and the world will keep spinning no matter what."

On Tuesday, the Top 9 will take the stage for performances one more time and only the Top 5 will make it to the finale on May 21.

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