Top Gear gets early look at Cybertruck update that'll help prevent fingers from being crushed in the 'frunk'

  • Top Gear recently tested the Tesla Cybertruck's camping accessories.

  • There's a software update for sensors that will hopefully prevent smashed fingers, as well as a sleek new cooler.

  • The "Cybertent," which is integrated into the truck bed, sells for about $3,000.

The Top Gear crew took the Cybertruck camping and got an early look at some upcoming features, as well as a glimpse at a new, stainless steel place for owners of the electric pickup to store their ice-cold drinks.

The video shows Top Gear editor in chief Jack Rix testing out the "frunk," the front storage space under the Cybertruck's hood.

The frunk's sharp edges have been cause for concern, especially with some viral videos showing that the closing hood was capable of slicing through carrots — and possibly, misplaced fingers.

Cybertruck owners can breathe a little easier, though, since the vehicle is apparently getting a software update to improve the sensor, Rix said.

Using a banana as a test, Rix showed the automatic sensors quickly sensed the foreign object and swung up without any injury to the finger-shaped fruit.

Rix also showed off the "Cybercooler," which is exactly what it sounds like: a portable cooler "that looks a little bit like a Cybertruck."

Don't feel bad if you've never heard of the Cybercooler. It hasn't been released — or even mentioned before — by Tesla. (Promotional images for the Cybertruck show nondescript, regular coolers).

As Rix noted, the cooler shown in the video is a "one-of-one" prototype.

"Please excuse some of the slightly scruffy edges," he said; though, if the prototype was chipped or dented in any way, it wasn't visible to the camera.

The video showed Rix and another person carrying the cooler out of the frunk. It looks slightly wider than the average camping cooler, though it's unclear how spacious it is inside.

In the video, Rix said the Cybercooler would be "very useful" for offroading and "smashing around in the desert."

"Full of ice and full of beers — I mean, water," he joked.

Though designed for the "frunk," there doesn't seem to be any reason the cooler can't be carried in the bed of the Cybertruck. That may be helpful for drivers who need flexible storage arrangements, especially given some concerns about the lack of space in the frunk.

The cooler was included in the video as part of Cybertruck's "Basecamp" line of camping accessories.

It's not clear how much the Cybercooler will end up costing; the Cybertent, which extends out from the bed of the electric pickup, is currently on sale for approximately $3,000.

"It is, let's face it, an obscene amount of money," Rix said in the video, though he acknowledged its "high-end design."

Unlike other vehicular camping accessories, which are typically mounted and exposed, the Cybertent is designed to fit under the tonneau cover. Rix noted that "tent mode" will level out the suspension and open up the cover and can be activated remotely.

"It's a really clever piece of integration," he said. "And if you've got money to burn, well, I'll be ticking that box."

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