Tori Spelling defends leaving her placenta in a friend's freezer

Tori Spelling has confessed to leaving one of her placentas in the freezer of a close friend.

The 51-year-old Beverly Hills 90210 icon is a proud mother-of-five and has admitted she has kept a number of the placentas that she passed during childbirth.

But while she says she has two in her own freezer, she also revealed that she keeps forgetting to pick up another one that a friend of hers is looking after - and has failed to retrieve it for seven years.

Opening up on her Misspelling podcast, Tori said, "I'm really sorry to my best friend Jess because (Beau's) is still in her freezer.

"She came to the hospital obviously the day Beau was born. She's come to the hospital every birth ... But because I had a C-section and we had complications and Beau had something (where) we had to stay in the hospital for a bit.'

The actress said Jess politely accepted her request to take the placenta home and store it in her freezer but hinted her patience is now running thin.

She said, "I feel like she has asked me a few times over the last seven years to take that back, and I say, 'Yep, next time I'm there', and then I don't. I don't take it back, but I'm going to. I'm going to one day."

Revealing she has two placentas in her own freezer, Tori defended her decision to hold onto the dead organs, arguing, "They say it's good luck to eat it or it's good luck to bury it or it's good luck to have it sent and made into that powder and they put into pills. I'm just too lazy to send it out. It's a thing."

She added, "It's supposed to be good for your body and they take it out of your body and it's good to put it back into your body."

Tori was married to Canadian actor Dean McDermott in 2006 but they split last year, and they share Liam, 17, Stella, 16, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11 and Beau, seven.