Tori Spelling 'would love to have another baby’

Tori Spelling, 50, has admitted she would "love" to have another baby.

The actress already has five children, Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, seven, all with her ex-husband Dean McDermott.

Speaking to Sara Evans, 53, on her podcast misSPELLING, Tori revealed, "I'd love to have another baby," before the two women reminisced about the joy of bringing a newborn home.

"There's no better time in your life than when you bring that baby home," Sara said. "I never complained about losing sleep, none of that, I loved it."

Tori agreed, "Never. Same. Same."

However, Tori went on to reveal she is "totally in menopause", adding, "But I'm so bummed. I should've freezed my eggs."

Tori and Dean, 57, split in June 2023 after 18 years of marriage. They are currently in the middle of divorce proceedings.

Dean has a new girlfriend, Lily Calo, 32, whom Tori has become friendly with.

"I like Lily a lot. It's not bad. It's just you know, it's different," she said, of having family meals with Dean, Lily, and the rest of their family. "We're co-parenting very well right now."