Tori Spelling reveals Luke Perry once dated Madonna

Tori Spelling has revealed that Luke Perry secretly dated Madonna in the 1990s.

The actress spilled the beans about the secret trysts between her Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star and the Queen of Pop on her 90210MG podcast.

"I will never forget him (Luke) pulling me into his dressing room and telling me," she told her co-host, Jennie Garth.

"I felt so confided in. 'Oh, my God, he's telling me about Madonna.'"

She revealed how Luke invited her to listen to a message from Madonna on an answering machine.

"I was like, 'You're the coolest person in the whole world. One, cause you're Luke Perry, and two, because Madonna wants you,'" she recalled.

The pair first met at an event for the American Foundation for AIDS Research at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in 1992. When Luke presented Madonna with an award, she kissed him on-stage.

Tori didn't divulge how long Luke dated the Vogue singer, but he went on to marry Rachel Sharp in 1993.

Luke died in 2019 aged 52, from a stroke.