Tori Spelling reveals she got her nipples pierced at 48

Tori Spelling has told how she spontaneously got both nipples pierced two years ago on holiday.

She opened up about the piercing on her podcast, MisSPELLING, telling listeners she decided to do it while on holiday in Napa Valley.

"'I came to Napa and got my nipples pierced,’ says no one ever at 48,” the 50-year-old joked.

She went on to explain that she'd been talking to friends about either getting a tattoo or a piercing, and when they went away, she decided to bite the bullet.

Tori, who only had her ears pierced at the age of 40, recalled how she'd told her group of friends, "'We should get a tattoo or a piercing.' And the girls are all drunk and we're all, 'Oh that sounds great! Sounds like a good idea!""

The Beverly Hills 90210 actress added, "One of them got a nipple piercing with me. I believe in symmetry, so I did both."

She went on to say after getting her breast implants redone in 2022, the holes have since closed up.

She also revealed she had a piercing in the genital area, commonly known as a "Christina."

"I loved that piercing," she said.