Tornado Damages Homes and Downs Power Lines in East Texas

Five homes were damaged and power lines downed by a tornado that touched down in Pickton, Texas, on Thursday, March 2, local media reported citing the sheriff’s office.

Video by Jason Dalton shows him and his friends tracking a huge storm cell before the tornado forms outside Pickton. They then follow that, and also record the damage done.

“As we ran parallel to the storm, it had rapidly tightening rotation,” Dalton told Storyful. “It produced a wall cloud and started to also produce a funnel cloud that I reported to the Dallas/Ft Worth NWS office.” Credit: Jason Dalton via Storyful

Video transcript

- A lowering wall cloud.

- We've got wall cloud, you guys. We got a rotation.

- Way back there in the background.

- Man.

- This is rotating. How is there no severe thunderstorm warning or nothing on this?

- It doesn't have any severe hazards yet.

- I feel you. I feel you. So if a tornado drops right now and we see it, we're the only ones that can really report it. That's cool.

- Yeah.

- We'd be the first ones.

- Oh, Cole, wait, wait. Wait, wait, don't move. Don't move. Don't move.

- Got you. Got you. Got you. I don't got--

- Oh, where's my phone?

- Yeah, [? girlfriend, ?] I'm gonna call 911 and let them know.



- Wow! Multi-vortex.

- Yeah, I see.

- We're good. We're good. We're good.

- Tornado damage.