Tornado watch issued as severe storms redevelop in the Chicago area

The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for parts of eastern and central Illinois until 8 p.m. Tuesday as severe storms redeveloped in the afternoon and were expected to continue through the early evening.

Severe weather hazards include damaging hail as big as tennis balls and gusty winds up to 70 mph as the storms move west to east, according to meteorologists.

The city of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications said it will monitor conditions to keep the public informed about any related warnings that might be issued.

City officials urged area residents to keep an eye on local media and weather updates, suggesting that people use the Chicago OEMC mobile application or sign up for emergency alerts at

Second tornado in 5 weeks damages Oklahoma town and causes 1 death as powerful storms hit central US

After heavy rains Tuesday morning, scattered storms were expected to redevelop in the afternoon.

Conditions at O’Hare International Airport in the early afternoon before the second round of storms included cloudy skies and 75-degree temperatures, which were forecast to drop to 55 by the evening.

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