Toronto Police Raise Pride Flags Outside Several Stations

The Toronto Police Service raised rainbow flags to commemorate the first day of LGBTQ+ Pride Month on Thursday, June 1, footage shows.

The flags would fly throughout the month, the police service said. A pride flag was raised at the city’s police headquarters on May 17.

Video shows the flag raising at the 23rd and 31st Divisions of the Toronto Police on Thursday. Credit: Toronto Police via Storyful

Video transcript

TERRENCE RODRIGUEZ: Hello. My name is Terrence Rodriguez. And I am the civilian co-chair of the [? 2SLGBTQCCC. ?] I'm also the founder and coordinator of a program in Rexdale called REX Pride. And we are here today, June 1, to raise the pride flag in 23 Division for the first time-- but hopefully not the last. And I'm here with my fellow colleagues and community members here to try to set a precedent and show our support.

And this is just one of many gestures that we're going to continue to work on to do. And I myself am quite honored and privileged to be here. Because I am born and raised in Rexdale. And I am transgender myself. And I never thought I would see this happen in my lifetime.

So thank you. Thank you, TPS. Thank you, Toronto as a whole. Let's continue to support the community and do what we can to raise visibility, awareness, and get moving on diversity and supporting [INAUDIBLE]. Thank you.

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