Torvill and Dean admit relationship did once 'cross a line' but 'it didn't last very long'

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean on Dancing on Ice
The relationship of Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean is still going strong after 50 years -Credit:Ian West/PA Wire

Not getting married to or sleeping with each other has helped Torvill and Dean to maintain a relationship that still lasts 50 years later. But talking on the High Performance podcast, the Nottingham ice pair revealed they did "cross a line" in their relationship when they were younger, but did not elaborate.

Ice dance champions Jayne Torvill, 66, and Christopher Dean, 65, made their names when they won the gold medal, performing to Ravel's Bolero, 40 years ago at the Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games.

The pair have previously admitted to kissing but speaking on the High Performance podcast, the pair were asked if their relationship had ever "crossed the line". In response, Dean said: “When we were younger, we were sort of, for a minute, but it didn’t last very long.”

"I think we just eventually got into that place where we knew that we were the best of friends. I think that mutual friendship has got us to this point now, 50 years later."

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Torvill said: “But it was before major competitions and you know, when you’re kids, when you’re teenagers, and people just go out on trips and go to competitions and afterwards have a bit of fun. But, I think still even then our main focus was the skating and being ready to train the next day.

“Quite often we get asked, ‘What’s the secret of your friendship, relationship?’... we never got married.”

Dean added: “Don’t sleep with each other.”

The duo were asked how they managed to keep their relationship platonic and professional.

Torvill said: “We knew that turning professional, you know, the show’s got your name on it. But if you’re doing a professional show, there’s no messing about because you can’t be silly and, I don’t know, you know, go off and get married in the middle of a season of a show or have an affair with somebody.

“Because like Chris said, you’ve got to stay focused on what you’re doing because the next day you’ve got to be ready to do a performance."

The pair also took part in the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, where they won bronze. They came to full public attention again in 2006 when they joined ITV's Dancing On Ice. It ran until 2014 but later they became head judges on the show when it was revived in 2018. They have now announced plans to retire from skating together in 2025 but they will continue as judges on the popular show.

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