Tory Lord blasts 'disgusting' new Cadbury Creme Egg menu item at Domino's

Creme Eggs  (PA Archive)
Creme Eggs (PA Archive)

A Tory health minister has lashed out at Domino’s Pizza for its “disgusting” new menu item.

Lord James Bethell of Romford said the American pizza chain’s board should be “ashamed of themselves” after it launched a cookie containing an entire Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

At more than 370 calories each the gooey biscuits have over the twice the calories of a single chocolate egg.

Lord Bethell, who is responsible for representing all health matters and legislation in the Upper House, blasted the special edition Valentine’s Day sweat treat as unhealthy.

“This is disgusting,” he said.

“A whole Cadbury cream [sic] egg in a Domino’s UK cookie.

“These are serious corporate food companies.

“What are they thinking? The executive team, the board and the shareholders should be ashamed of themselves.”

He added: “It’s not illegal. But it’s harmful.

“It blows in the face of their noble-sounding corporate responsibility commitments.

“And disgusting. They should know better. And use their talents to find less egregious ways to make a return.”

Domino’s defended the product and said they are meant to be shared.

The pizza chain is selling the dessert from February 12 until April 8.

The cookies, which come two in a box, combine Domino's' baked cookie dough, stuffed with a whole Cadbury Creme Egg.

A Domino’s spokesman said: “These special edition cookies bring together two much loved, iconic brands and are designed to be a delicious pre-Easter treat which can be shared.

“At just over 370 calories per cookie, they are in line with the content of many other treats available on the high street such as frappes and croissants.

“We know our customers love to share our existing cookies, and we expect they will do the same with the new Crème Egg cookies.”