Tory mayoral candidate criticised for claim Jews ‘frightened’ under Sadiq Khan

Tory London mayoral candidate Susan Hall has been sharply criticised by a Conservative minister, Labour opponents and the Board of Deputies after claiming Jews in the capital are “frightened” under Sadiq Khan.

The Tory candidate was urged to retract the “divisive and disgusting” remarks as the Jewish leaders said there is “no fear present at all” in the community.

But Ms Hall doubled down on her remarks, arguing that she has “many friends” who are considering not just leaving London because of their fears, but leaving the country.

Mr Khan, who is a Muslim, is facing a challenge from Ms Hall as he seeks a third term as London Mayor, a post he has held since 2016.

At a Conservative Friends of Israel event on the fringes of the Tory conference in Manchester, Ms Hall said: “I live in north London and I know the wealth and joy of the (Jewish) community.

“But I tell you something else, I know how frightened some of the community is because of the divisive attitudes of Sadiq Khan.

“One of the most important things we can do when I become mayor of London is make it safer for everybody, but particularly for our Jewish community.

“So I will ask for as much help as I can in London because we need to defeat him, particularly for our Jewish community.”

But Business minister Nusrat Ghani told a conference fringe event: “The language of fear and demeaning our political opponents is not a Conservative value that I recognise… and we shouldn’t stoop to it.

“To get the Board of Deputies to issue a statement to slap that comment down shows these comments do not work, especially when they attract such condemnation from the people that you are purporting to support.”

She added: “Have we’ve not learned anything from Zac Goldsmith’s similar attempts in his mayoral campaign which ended in abject failure?”

Labour’s Dame Margaret Hodge, who is Jewish and represents the east London constituency of Barking, said that “this dog-whistle politics is beneath us all”.

She said that Mr Khan has “always called out antisemitism”, adding: “If she had any integrity, Susan Hall would immediately retract her remarks.”

Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary who represents London’s Ilford North, said Ms Hall’s attack was “divisive and disgusting” and urged Tories to “call this out”.

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy, the MP for Tottenham, in north London, said: “This is an ugly dog whistle, from a Tory politician whose only strategy is to spread fear.

“Sadiq Khan stands for all Londoners and has repeatedly fought antisemitism. Susan Hall should withdraw her statement immediately and apologise unreservedly.”

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said Mr Khan has always “treated our community with friendship and respect” as London Mayor.

“We hope to co-host the key mayoral candidates at a 2024 Jewish hustings, where it will be clear that while London Jews may have varying political views, there is no fear present at all,” the group said.

Ms Hall defended her remarks on GB News, arguing that the policing in London means that “many Jewish people do not feel safe”.

“And I will never apologise for defending the Jewish community,” she said.

“I’ve got so many (Jewish) friends that are literally talking of leaving the country because they don’t feel safe… going to Israel.”

She claimed that attacks on Jewish people have “literally doubled” since Mr Khan entered City Hall.

There were 542 antisemitic hate crimes in London in 2016/17 when Mr Khan came to power, and 836 in 2021/22, according to parliamentary research of Scotland Yard figures.

This is not a doubling and the briefing note said of the increase, “in part this may be due to better recording methods”.

But the most recent year did see a much higher spike than in previous years. The researchers attributed this to “violence that occurred in the Middle East in May 2021”.